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Hi! I'm Michael Miller, and ESG Labs is my website. I write programs for a wide variety of systems, primarily Windows 9x/2K/XP and MacOS. I've also created a number of game aids for various RPGs and other games. It may not be k3wl or flashy (or Flashy), but it's home.

Where did the name "ESG Labs" come from?

When I was in my high school programming classes, I made up a name to attach to the various programs we wrote to have an somewhat more impressive splash screen. That name was "EveryWare Software Group". Of course, xxxWare (where the -ware replaces a -where in a normal word) isn't a great idea. At that time, there were a number of computer parts and shareware companies with names that included the word "Labs". I thought this was cool (mad scientist images and all), and with a quick abbreviation ESG Labs was born.

Is there any ESG Labs software not up here?

There's some on the Commodore 64 and 128 and a small amount on Windows and portable C++. I need to find someone to help me get all of my data off of the hundreds of Commodore floppies in our storage room.

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I recommend linking to the main site: <a href="https://www.esglabs.com/"> .

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I have some info and pictures on my personal page.

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