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FaceSpan, by Digital Technology International, is a popular addition to AppleScripting that provides an easy way to add a user interface, among other things. Here you can find FaceSpan projects and AppleScripts that will help you make your FaceSpan applications.

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FaceSpan Snippets

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ESG Framework

The ESG Framework is an attempt to build a template for FaceSpan designers. This template includes bringing the Where Is the Application? dialogs under your control, an easy initialization routine, localization aids, automatic preference save/restore system, and other features to make it easy to write safe, localizable applications.

I'd appreciate any feedback you have on using the Framework in your applications.

Framework Downloads

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Automation Station

Automation Station Picture

The Automation Station is a FaceSpan application that combines some diverse functionality (requiring separate apps or scripts) into a unified application. It can log you on to a Proxy Server if you use Netscape (and close those pesky web pop-up ads); it can reopen a network Filemaker database and return it to its previous position onscreen, and it can play audio CDs. See the readme for more information.

Automation Station Downloads

The current version of the Automation Station is 1.3.1.

Automation Station Useful Links

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MailMaster Status Picture

MailMaster is a FaceSpan application that works with Eudora Light and FileMaker Pro to make a database of Emails from mailing lists.

MailMaster Features

MailMaster Requirements

MailMaster Downloads

The current version of the MailMaster is 1.0.4.

Useful Links for MailMaster

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An Unofficial FaceSpan 3 FAQ

In theory, this document would help those who are new to FaceSpan. It is very much a work in progress, and sadly out of date.

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