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GenCon Indy '08 Games

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email them to

I hope to see you at GenCon!

Cosmic Encounter

Book Description: It's the Sunday Morning tradition, now appearing on Thursday as well! Win victory for your alien race by spreading to five bases outside your home planetary system. Fun for everyone!

Additional Info: We'll have at least two Mayfairs and an Avalon Hill set on hand; I'm hoping that I'll have my custom-built flexible set ready (finally!) and we might have a Fantasy Flight set by then. If there's room (there will be on Sunday; maybe not on Thursday) you're welcome to keep playing after the end of the time slot.

Times: Thursday, 4 PM - 6 PM (BGM01126) - Sunday, 8 AM - 10 AM (BGM01120)
System: Cosmic Encounter in multiple forms (Out of Print?)

Drivin' and Killin' with Jimbo and Ned

Book Description: Look out South Park! Jimbo and Ned, ticked off about the latest set of gun control laws, are on another beer-fueled rampage in their super-powered Truck-U-Vee! Can you stop them before they destroy the town?

Additional Info: Not-quite-so-serious Car Wars event with South Park themed characters and vehicles. Be ready to deploy the Mexican Staring Frog or force people to Respect Mah Authority!

Times: Saturday Noon-4 (NMN00365)
System: Car Wars CWC 2.5 rules by Steve Jackson Games (Out of Print)


Book Description: Attempt to capture the dragon's riches or just escape alive in this classic Games Workshop game of luck and more luck!

Additional Info: I have the base set and Heroes; I may be able to get a copy of Catacombs before GenCon (or in the Auction). I've made custom character sheets for all of the characters. DQ is short; expect to play a couple of games in two hours. If there's room (and there should be on Sunday) you're welcome to keep playing after the end of the time slot.

Times: Sunday, 10 AM - Noon (BGM01121) System: Dungeonquest by Games Workshop (Out of Print)


Book Description: You have signed up for what seems to be an impossible task: colonize the planet of Irata and build it into a powerhouse producer of Food, Energy, Smithore, and Crystite. With the help of your Multiple Use Labor Elements and the three other colonists, you'll have a rich economy in no time! Wield your one-button joystick well in this classic low-action board-style computer game!

Additional Info: M.U.L.E. is an economic simulation computer game; it's not exactly a board game, but it plays much like one. There's a very small action component and a little bit of hand-eye coordination is needed for moving around the map. I'll be bringing two Commodore setups. One may have a very small screen.

Times: Thursday 10 AM - Noon (BGM01123) - Thursday 2 PM - 4 PM (BGM01124)
System: M.U.L.E. by Electronic Arts (Out of Print)

Oil Barons

Book Description: In this computer-assisted board game, you manage an oil company attempting to convert as much black gold into filthy lucre as fast as you can.

Additional Info: This is a board game where the computer keeps track of a lot of things (like the randomized oil fields). I haven't actually played it, but I do have a ton of parts. A learning experience for everyone involved!

Time: Thursday Noon - 2 PM (BGM01125)
System: Oil Barons by Epyx (Out of Print)

Return of the Heroes

Book Description: Wander the world attempting to be the first to complete a heroic deed and defeat the Nameless One!

Additional Info: This game actually plays pretty quickly when you're doing the rules correctly. :)

Time: Sunday Noon - 2 PM (BGM01122)
System: Return of the Heroes by Pegasus Spiele

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