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GenCon Indy '13 Games

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I hope to see you at GenCon!

Car Wars - The Main Event at Killebrew Memorial

Book Description: It's classic Car Wars dueling action! This morning's main event is a Division 20 slugfest at Killebrew Memorial. Start your Gen Con off with mayhem! Vehicles provided.

Additional Info: This is a standard Division 20 duel in the St. Paul Area Road Knights' home arena of Killebrew Memorial. Check our set of house rules to see how we run things. Pregenerated vehicles only. Questions can be sent to See you at the con!

Times: Thursday 8 AM - Noon (NMN1341758)
System: Car Wars CWC 2.5 rules by Steve Jackson Games (Reissued in PDF!)

WJBL12: The Complex Games

Book Description: Every 5.47101 yearcycles, citizens from across Alpha Complex gather to compete for honor, respect, and bonus food rations! Can you survive? Remember, the odds are never in your favor!

Additional Info: My adventures tend towards the silly slapstick side of Paranoia. If you're looking for something serious, you won't enjoy this.

Times: Thursday 5 PM - 9 PM (RPG1341759)
System: Paranoia ("Not XP") by Mongoose Publishing

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