ESG Dice Roller


In the Dice box above, input a die roll formula. Press Return/Enter or click the Roll! button to "roll" the formula and come up with a result.

If you'd like to see each die rolled in the result, check the "Show individual dice." checkbox.

You can get the link text to roll this formula by right-clicking the "link to this roll" link.

Sample Die Rolls

Basic Die Rolls

A basic die roll is written in the form: [N]dS[kT[H|L]]

Static Die Rolls

Die rolls can also be constants, which is useful for doing math.


The die roller supports these operators in this order of precedence:

Multiple Rolls

You can do multiple rolls in two ways:

Other Characters

Other characters will likely cause errors.

Using this roller in Realm Works

  1. Save this page, using your browser's menu or the context menu for a blank spot on the page.
  2. Create an HTML Page (Complete) Snippet in your realm and attach the saved page to it.

Error Reporting

Should be greatly improved in this version. If you run into problems, let me know at

It'll help if you click "Browser Info" below and then copy the text from the box above as well as the Dice text. Thanks!

ESG Dice Roller - Version 1.2.3
Created by Michael Miller of ESG Labs
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