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Welcome to MAN Sector!

Paranoia, the Roleplaying Game of a Darkly Humorous Future, is a role-playing game published by West End Games. Everyone lives in a place called Alpha Complex where they live out their 6 clone's lives in a futile attempt to survive....err....impress Friend Computer, who is constantly looking after its citizens in a (futile) attempt to ferret out Commie Mutant Traitors, who--of course--are trying to destroy Friend Computer, Alpha Complex, and all that they stand for.

Paranoia is great fun, and I, Parody-U-MAN-4, have a few materials available for you to peruse and enjoy.


If you're looking for something to run, or just something to steal ideas from, here's a good starting point. Ultraviolet clearance only!


If you're looking for some documents and graphics that you can use in your own creative efforts, this is a good place to start. Also featuring a Windows verison of an old Paranoia text adventure.

Paranoia Book List

A reasonably complete list of Mongoose's and West End's official published materials for Paranoia.


Here's a pair of bots that you can torture your Troubleshooters with.


Not as useful as it may have once been (with the Webring and all) but still potentially useful.

 Paranoia RPG Webring
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