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Mike's Commodore Systems

I have two systems set up. My main system is a Commodore 128D with a 4 MB RamLink, Swiftlink Cart, USRobotics 14.4 Modem, Magnavox 40/80 Monitor, JiffyDOS Internal 1571, JiffyDOS 1581, Card-? +G Printer Interface, and Epson T-1000 Printer (24-Pin). A pair of Wico Command Controls and a 1351 grace my joystick ports. The software I commonly use includes GEOS 64, GateWay 64, GeoWrite, GeoPaint, GeoPublish, Perfect Print, and soon Geos 128 and GeoProgrammer. Outside of GEOS, ACE Version 16, Novaterm 9.6, Ultimate Wizard (I have both an original and a cracked version that I can put in a 1541 Partition on the RD), BASIC 8, and the Commodore Macro Assembler all make appearances on my screen. Hopefully I'll soon have some better utilities to play with (128 mode mean anything to you?)

My "Fun" system is a stock 64 and 1541 with a SID Symphony Stereo Cart and a 1084 monitor where the 80 column mode doesn't work. Most of my games show here, like Alternate Reality-- The City and The Dungeon, as well as the StereoPlayer and Editor. I'd like to add my old 1581 once I get a hard drive, FD, and SuperCPU 128. Dreaming? Maybe.

I'm looking for a 1541 with Maverick's RAMBOard on it, if you have one to sell/trade.

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