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Music for the Commodore Universe!

Back a while ago, Craig Chamberlain wrote a program called the SIDPlayer, which Compute! published in "All About the Commodore 64, Volume 2." Then he wrote an Enhanced SIDPlayer for both the 64 and 128. This was published as "Compute!'s Music System for the Commodore 64". People like Mark Dickenson, and Robert Steorrle extended this music format with things like the StereoPlayer and the Stereo Editor.

This page is here to share the SIDPlayer experience with other Commodore users. While the music created in the SIDPlayer may not rival--in some people's eyes--programmed ML-based SID music, no other program brought such control over making music to the "average user". As the previous users of Q-Link know, there was a lot of music made by a large number of people.

The best part is, there was a lot of good music made by a number of good people: NickZ, DrJ5, Sir Fitz, DC Starr, the MIDISIDster, and Parody Man. :-) They also got together for an annual SIDFest. I was only able to make one of these, the second Columbus event in 1992. Here are some pictures from SIDFest 1992.


The main thing you'd need is Mark Dickenson's Stereoplayer 10.3, available via that link from

Jim Brain also has a collection of SID tunes available.