Bill Gates of Redmond

A Parody of "Frosty the Snowman"

New words ©1999 Brian Strassman and Michael Jay Miller, all rights reserved

Bill Gates of Redmond
had an OS called NT
and it ran just fine
stayed up a long time
once you installed SP3

Bill Gates of Redmond
Is a billionaire they say
but he wanted more
out came SP4
Bill's big plot of the day

There must have been some evil in
that service pack they found
for when they placed it on their drive
the Intranet went down!

Oh, Bill Gates of Redmond
Added more tech support lines:
For 30 bucks a call
They will tell them all:
"It's fixed in Service Pack 5!"

Bill Gates of Redmond
was sued by the DOJ
Said he earned his fame
from the Monopoly game
and not fair, honest play.

Down to the courthouse
with his evidence in hand.
Lawyers here and there
splitting every hair
Saying "Catch us if you can!"

They showed them all a demo of
Removing IE4
But the steps that they showed the judge
weren't on one compu-tor

Oh, Bill Gates of Redmond
Had to hurry on his way
but he waved goodbye
saying, "Don't you cry,
We'll just move to Canada, eh?"

Crashety crash crash
Crashety crash crash
Look at Bill Gates go
Crashety crash crash
Crashety crash crash
Over the border-o!

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