It's Hard to be a Jedi in Training

A Parody of "It's Hard to be a Jew on Christmas" from South Park

New words ©1999 Michael Jay Miller, all rights reserved

It's hard to be a Jedi in training,
I don't ever get to go out with my friends,
All I do is lift some stuff and try to dig out my X-Wing,
Then argue all night with Yoda 'cause my bod has midi-things,
I could be helping my friends escape the Empire's sting,
I'm Jedi, just a Jedi, in training...

Dagobah just sucks, so why is it,
that Yoda picked this place to hide away?
I could be out there with Han instead I'm stuck with R2D,
instead of 3PO this cave contains another me,
and what the (bleep) is up with all these (bleep)ing rocks tell me please!
I'm Jedi, just a Jedi, in training...

South Park © Comedy Central
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