The Words to the Theme from Jurassic Park

or "Run Like Hell", "Run Away"...

These words add to the Jurassic Park Soundtrack

New words ©1997 Michael Jay Miller, all rights reserved

These words fit with the first 2 tracks from the Jurassic Park Soundtrack CD. They start right after the second track starts.

(Trumpet: the old guy.)
I bought an Isle
 a place for me
  to build a park!

(Flute: background)
...park....Jurassic Park....Jurassic we go...

We found amber, a mosquito was encased
 with some blood, DNA, add a frog, sit back, and pray...
So we built a-a Park, and filled it with dinosaurs.
 They got loose.  Oooops.  There's no power anymore!

Look a dinosaur, 
 it's a dinosaur,
  He looks hungry, sore and mad.
Look a dinosaur,
  Run like hell* (run like hell, run like hell, run like hell, run like
   RUN...   (hell)

We got caught, by T-Rex, 
 he destroyed our car, how sad!
Moving on, he found the john, 
 I suppose they're not all bad.

After dawn, we moved on
 to get the part rebooted
To turn the power back on
 so our lives won't be ended!

By the dinosaurs,
 Yes, the Dinosaurs
  Lots of dinos in this movie!
 it's a Dino-snore
  Thankfully, not the Zords!

Head for the cop-tor,
 get off the park--or
  as we said, before:




*If you don't feel like swearing, Run A-Way works just as well. :)

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