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Michael Jay Miller

Mike's Head

Hi! I'm somewhat surprised, yet flattered, that you want to know more about me. :)

I am currently unemployed. Need a talented programmer, scripter, tester, and support person? View my resume online, or download a copy. (Zipped Word 97 document.)

Until January 2003 I was a programmer for MultiAd Creator, a page layout program. I do a lot of Internet surfing, RPGing, and other game-related things when I'm not watching my machine crash. I enjoy many a computer game.

I am currently a member of Wolfshead Squadron, based off of the X-Wing series of space combat games.

My Life (with pictures!)

Recently I've been scanning in things from my photo album, and since hard drive space is cheap I thought I'd share. Perhaps the comments will bring back memories or shed a little light onto your own life. Who knows?

Begin here if you'd like to step through everything that's up here, or continue on for the table of contents.

Mantorville, MN

Rochester, the first time (Grades 2-7)

The Waseca Years (Grades 8-10)

Rochester, the second time (Grades 11 and 12)

Gustavus Adolphus College

If you do have any other questions, drop me an EMail.

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