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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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gac01.jpg gac01.jpg
We start off with my first year Section 002. This is the guy who lived in room A. I don't remember his name offhand; we didn't talk much.
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gac02.jpg gac02.jpg
002 A zoomed in. I did a lot of zooming, but I thought I'd include the original scans as well, because viewers might pick up things they remember in the backgrounds.
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gac03.jpg gac03.jpg
002 B, Michael Westbrock. (Westbrook? Something like that.) Anyway, he was a fun guitar playing guy.
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gac04.jpg gac04.jpg
Here's Mike!
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002 D (I was 002 C). We all had a nickname; his was Beaver. I don't remember his name, though. He played saxophone. Pretty nice guy.
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gac06.jpg gac06.jpg
Here you can read some of the sign over Beaver's Couch.
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gac07.jpg gac07.jpg
Dale Houston, 002 E. A bit nuts, but otherwise an OK guy. He had a rat (as you can see). Yeah, we weren't supposed to have pets, but he had one anyway.
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