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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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She was very cute, too. :)
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This is Robyn Bipes. She was (and is) a great person. She's helped me on at least three occasions at and since college. Thank you, Robyn.
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For the rhythm of life is a powerful beat
puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet
rhythm on the inside, rhythm on the street
and the rhythm of life is a powerful beat.

I wonder if Robyn still has that tape? Did she ever play it all the way through? (It was a recording of my favorite SIDPlayer songs...and a little bonus.)
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Ahh...Denise Kisely. It might be different now; she married Milo Martin. (I never knew him well; he was another Olin-based student.) Anyway, she helped me a lot when I got to Gustavus, and I had a major crush on her.
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I never did get a decent picture of Denise. However...
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...this high school pic isn't too bad.
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Here begins The Horde, who I lived with my second year and are mostly still friends with.

This is Eric "Odie" O'Denius, a really great guy and my best friend. I rent part of his townhome. It's a nice place.
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