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Rochester I (2nd - 7th Grade)

My Mom and I moved into an apartment diagonally across the street from Holmes Elementary school in Rochester. Our new home was a house converted into three apartments. For most of my stay we had the upper apartment (part of which was probably an attic before conversion). I had the upper room on the right, which was very large and had some strange shapes and a storage area. Mom had the other bedroom, across from mine. Down the steep stairs was the living room, then the bathroom and entryway, and the kitchen. There was also a room off the kitchen that you could have used for an office or playroom, except that it leaked. We used it for the cats and some storage.

Speaking of cats, we had two: Lucky and Trouble. Lucky was gray, while Trouble was black and white. The names turned out to be accurate, because Lucky had a very bad infection at one point which he was lucky to survive, while Trouble was constantly trying to escape the apartment (even living underneath the house for two weeks or so.

My favorite teacher from this time had to be Mr. Bailey, who was my third grade teacher. He had a good reward program based around a pirate ship. Students who did well on tests and didn't misbehave were allowed into the school's computer room, where we played the really old "Oregon Trail" (press the space bar to shoot straight up at a deer that "sort of" animated across the screen) and "Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?".

I didn't have too many friends at this time; I was quite the loner, spending hours in my room reading library books while I waited for "Ghostbusters" or "GI Joe" to load on my Commodore 64 or playing Atari 2600 or Nintendo games. Bruce, Jesse, Chris, and Ryan were my friends of note. Bruce and I were pretty good friends, but things changed when I came back to Rochester. Ryan was a cool guy who also had a Commodore 64 and his Dad was our Webelos Scout Leader. Jesse got me into the Lone Wolf, Sorcery!, and Fighting Fantasy series of books. Chris' Mom(?) was our Cub Scout leader, and we hung out a good bit.

Bits and Pieces:

Mom had worked herself through night school, and then moved on to finding someone else to share her life with. She eventually met Casey Rieck, and when they married we moved to Waseca, Minnesota.

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