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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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sidfst01.jpg sidfst01.jpg
Allrighty. During the summer of 1992, Sam and I had a horrendously not-very-intelligent idea. Let's go to the big gathering of SID makers from Q-Link! This was only a bad idea in that it was many hours of driving away, and we weren't old enough to rent a hotel room. Oops!

This is Sam driving the van down to his family's place in Iowa.
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sidfst02.jpg sidfst02.jpg
We stayed overnight here before heading down to Columbus. Hi, Sam!
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sidfst03.jpg sidfst03.jpg
It may not be much, but it was home for a night or two.
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sidfst04.jpg sidfst04.jpg
Here we are at SIDFest 1992!
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sidfst05.jpg sidfst05.jpg
Rohan2 (L) and Collecting. (These are their Q-Link screen names. I never learned most of their real names.)
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sidfst06.jpg sidfst06.jpg
SandyC and RonZ3 (with Collecting in the back).
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sidfst07.jpg sidfst07.jpg
A blurry picture of Lostt.
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