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Waseca (8th - 10th Grade)

...and this is as far as I've written so far. It's also where I first had my own camera, so here's a few examples from my old Disc Camera.

Concert Setup
We're getting ready for a choir concert!

Jolene and Kelly
Jolene Hodgekins and Kelly Hoffman show off.

Cool Dudes
The Second Street Singers were very cool dudes, but not quite so cool without myself!
L-R: Daren Lundeen, Brian McManamon (in the back), Brett Risner, Gabriel Boehme, ??? (I can't quite tell), Jim Brown.

Mrs. Wantoch's Office
L-R: Steve Sykora, Mrs. Wantoch, and Jon Stagman discuss their upcoming performance.

Ethan Fruechte, who was one of my best friends in Waseca, stands at his Science Fair booth.

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