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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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church01.jpg church01.jpg
First off, here's some pictures from a church youth group party. I went to the Evangelical Free Church in Waseca, but this was held with another church at their church. (I don't remember which one. It wasn't the Catholic one, though.) Bethany Risner is on the left; I can't quite make out who the other two are.
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church02.jpg church02.jpg
Jenny, Steve, and two other people talking at the party.
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church03.jpg church03.jpg
No clue who these guys are anymore, sorry.
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church04.jpg church04.jpg
One of the fun (and silly) party games where we threaded a roll of toilet paper over and under each other.
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choir01.jpg choir01.jpg
It's a choir concert! Everyone's getting their robes on for a night of great singing. I believe this was our first choir concert of my freshman year.
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choir02.jpg choir02.jpg
Jolene Hodgekins and Kelly Hoffman show their beauty and charm.
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choir03.jpg choir03.jpg
The Second Street Singers were very cool dudes, but not quite so cool without myself!
L-R: Daren Lundeen, Brian McManamon (in the back), Brett Risner, Gabriel Boehme, ??? (I can't quite tell), Jim Brown.
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