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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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chtrip31.jpg chtrip31.jpg
Here's a bunch of us standing around waiting for the buses to come back.
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chtrip32.jpg chtrip32.jpg
One of my favorites: wet people standing under tall trees, next to a metal fence, during the lightning storm.
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chtrip33.jpg chtrip33.jpg
Some looked for shelter under the pier.
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chtrip34.jpg chtrip34.jpg
Becca Mathern, fun-loving as always. I think she's happy that the buses are back.
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chtrip35.jpg chtrip35.jpg
Gina Tetzloff. Hi, Gina!
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chtrip36.jpg chtrip36.jpg
I think they've had enough.
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chtrip37.jpg chtrip37.jpg
At least the group leaders had some fun with the whole thing. :)
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