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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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c64_4.jpg c64_4.jpg
Here you can see my classic MPS-803 printer. It was a 7-pin dot matrix.
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misc01.jpg misc01.jpg
Hey, school pictures!
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misc02.jpg misc02.jpg
I must apologize for the matting. I did them myself on index cards so they'd fit in my photo album. As you can see, my cutting skills could use an improvement.
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misc03.jpg misc03.jpg
This is Jeff Preuss, a cousin of mine. His family ran a (the?) local bakery.
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misc04.jpg misc04.jpg
Darin Lundeen, who was very popular.
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misc05.jpg misc05.jpg
I think he went to be a missionary. Or was that Scott?
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misc06.jpg misc06.jpg
Molly Sinn (on the left) and Cozette Schindler.
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