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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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misc07.jpg misc07.jpg
Gina Tetzloff, who graduated my sophomore year, IIRC.
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misc08.jpg misc08.jpg
Her senior picture.
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misc09.jpg misc09.jpg
Ethan Fruechte is on the left; Cindy Schroeder is on the right. Ethan was one of my best friends; Cindy was my neighbor for much of my time in Waseca.
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misc10.jpg misc10.jpg
Yup, it's April Brandvold.
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misc11.jpg misc11.jpg
Christine, whose last name I do not remember but I believe she graduated when I was in 8th grade. Sorry your picture is all scratched up. I don't remember how it got that way.
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misc12.jpg misc12.jpg
Scott Lundeen
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