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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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choir04.jpg choir04.jpg
Ahh, yes. Show Choir was such fun. I miss it.
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choir05.jpg choir05.jpg
Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do with a picture.
750x549, 64.9 KB
choir06.jpg choir06.jpg
As you can see, the Second Street Singers were the best! Let's try zooming in...
750x524, 78.9 KB
choir07.jpg choir07.jpg
Don't we look great?
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choir08.jpg choir08.jpg
L-R: Steve Sykora, Mrs. Wantoch, and Jon Stagman discuss their upcoming performance.
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renfst01.jpg renfst01.jpg
The choir took a trip to the Minnesota Rennaissance Festival. Here we are, being eaten by the dragon. I'll nail down all the names later, but from the thumbnail I can pick out Brian McManamon, me (holding the sword like an idiot), Jon Stagman, Cindy Schroeder, and Jennifer Pollard.
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renfst02.jpg renfst02.jpg
Jon and (I think) Brian are fighting to become King of the Log.
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