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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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renfst03.jpg renfst03.jpg
Like a doofus, I didn't have my camera ready for this little sales pitch from the French Silk Pie vendor. Milady and Jon graciously agreed to do it again for posterity.
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renfst04.jpg renfst04.jpg
Brian and a well-dressed Ren Fest worker.
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renfst05.jpg renfst05.jpg
Me losing at fencing. :)
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renfst06.jpg renfst06.jpg
Another fencing pic, but I'm not sure which two of us are under the masks.
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renfst07.jpg renfst07.jpg
The Joust. Come for the combat, stay for the insults!
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renfst08.jpg renfst08.jpg
A mighty duel commences.
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scfair01.jpg scfair01.jpg
My freshman year science fair. We're almost all packed up and ready to head to Mankato!
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