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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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scfair02.jpg scfair02.jpg
Mr. Erickson and...someone...working out the last details.
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scfair03.jpg scfair03.jpg
A mighty impressive apparatus. Don't break it!
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scfair04.jpg scfair04.jpg
Yes, my mighty Commodore 64 is today's measurer of acidity! If you need to know the pH of something that's safe to put in a test tube and was near the middle of the range, my Colorimeter, powder, and software were ready!
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scfair05.jpg scfair05.jpg
Ethan Fruechte, who was one of my best friends in Waseca, stands at his Science Fair booth. He's studying to be a doctor here in the Twin Cities, and found me through this website. Hi, Ethan!
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scfair06.jpg scfair06.jpg
A similar project to mine, as it turns out. His was more complete, IIRC. Unfortunately, I don't remember who this is.
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scfair07.jpg scfair07.jpg
Brede Erickson, ready for action!
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scfair08.jpg scfair08.jpg
Adam Kahnke, one of my computer friends for a while.
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