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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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chtrip17.jpg chtrip17.jpg
We took a paddlewheel boat ride, but once again darkness overcomes the graphical might of the Disc camera.
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chtrip18.jpg chtrip18.jpg
And by Disc camera I don't mean floppy or CD. This was a film cartridge with the film was circular, like a ViewMaster disc.
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chtrip19.jpg chtrip19.jpg
The Natchez' impulse drive.
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chtrip20.jpg chtrip20.jpg
Uhh...I think I was trying for a night skyline. As you can see, it worked wonderfully!
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chtrip21.jpg chtrip21.jpg
The fountain. (Also the back of someone's head and an office building, but that's not what I was taking the picture of.) We'll be back in a bit.
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chtrip22.jpg chtrip22.jpg
A beautiful old plantation house.
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chtrip23.jpg chtrip23.jpg
Our group leader/chaperone, standing outside at the plantation house. (I don't remember his name, or its! Argh!)
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