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Mike's life (with pictures!)


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chtrip24.jpg chtrip24.jpg
A fireplace and painting inside the house.
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chtrip25.jpg chtrip25.jpg
A very bad picture of an antique four-poster bed. Don't click it, it only gets worse.
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chtrip26.jpg chtrip26.jpg
Oh, yeah. Remember we came down here for a competition? We won everything we were in.
The guy on the left with a trophy is frequent appearance winner Jon Stagman. Bethany Risner is the one in the middle, I believe. Laura Olson is the girl on the right. Laura was the victim of a vicious attack at the hotel; I hope she's gotten over the trauma! (If it's any consolation, Laura, I only attack the cute ones. ;)
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chtrip27.jpg chtrip27.jpg
One of the many groups of choir students at the fountain one night. I'd zoom in, but there's so much speckling from my powerful Disc camera that there's not much more to see.
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chtrip28.jpg chtrip28.jpg
Here's a fun bunch of young ladies! I can pick out Ginnie Williams, Bharti Wahi, and Jenny Robinson even now. (First, second, and fourth, left to right.) I should remember the other two, but I don't, unfortunately.
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chtrip29.jpg chtrip29.jpg
Ahh, the best part. The following are pictures of us out at the beach! A perfect end to a perfect vacation, right?
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chtrip30.jpg chtrip30.jpg
Guess I forgot to mention the exciting thunderstorm that hit while we were there! The buses were parked a ways away, so we had to wait it out while they came back.
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