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Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams

Sluggy Freelance is one of the best Internet-based comics that have cropped up in recent years. I'm a huge fan, and I'd like to spread a little Sluggy into everyone's life. If you want to help spread the Niftiness, how about using these...

Sluggy Posters

A while ago Pete and company had a contest for fans to make posters that could be put up to advertise Sluggy. Here is the one that I made for that contest, along with others made afterward. Print them out and put them up all over!

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

These posters are print quality PDF files (300 dpi). You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.x or another program that can read PDF files to view or print them. If you need it, the icon above is a link to Adobe's Acrobat Reader download site.

When printing, try turning off the "Fit to Page" option in the Print dialog. Not all printers can fit the margins left by these posters, unfortunately.

If you want to see a large preview of a poster, click on its thumbnail.

Bun-Bun Thumbnail - Bun-Bun Movie Trailer

This is the one that won first place in the poster contest. It was created as a sort of "Movie Trailer" (imagine a deep-voiced announcer reading the text).

Download bunbun.pdf - 1.1 MB

Bun-Bun SE Thumbnail - Bun-Bun Movie Trailer, Special Edition

After some time, I went and fixed the tear-off labels to have the Sluggy Freelance text in the normal Green-with-Black-outline Comic Sans. The Special Edition has everything centered, which I think flows better than the diagonal left to right of the original. There's also a copyright message.

Download bunbun2.pdf - 1.2 MB

Traditions Thumbnail - Holiday Traditions

A brand-new poster for the Christmas season. I know I'm back in the holiday spirit!

Download traditions.pdf - 1.7 MB, free, fun, and daily!
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