Welcome, knowledge seeker! Were you directed here after posting on the SWG forums? You may have had a question for those who know everything about clothing, or perhaps an interesting suggestion for the future. However, it appears that you are be unsure who can best respond to your post. Lucky for you, ReadTheStickies.com is here to help! Sit back, relax, and enjoy our introduction to the mysterious world of Taylors and Tailors.

Tim TaylorNiki Taylor


Pictured here are two well-known examples of Taylors. Tim "The Toolman" Taylor could best be described as "That guy who borrowed your uber weapon and crit-failed a repair", while Niki Taylor could best be described as "looks great in a swimsuit, like most of the female characters in the game".

Unfortunately, neither of them can create clothing for you. For that, you need a Tailor.

Alcen Eiron, Master TailorYour Name Here!


The friendly folk pictured here are called Tailors. Tailors love to create fashions and jewelry for the entire galaxy to enjoy. Some Tailors will also run crates or make schematics for their fellow crafters, while others do not. (It's a personal preference.)

All Tailors love to work with customers who are courteous, patient, and who can be understood. If we can't figure out what you want, we can't make it for you!

Hopefully you now know whether a Tailor or Taylor can best answer your question. For more information on Tailors, use our link to the Tailor FAQs. For more information on Taylors, try Google. There's lots of pictures available there. Just be careful when you link!

I'd like to randomly show two pictures for the Tailor examples. If you would like to be included, please email parody@esglabs.com or contact Parody on the SWG forums. I'll need a picture of your Master Tailor character that (when cropped/shrunk) will fit nicely into the size shown. (It's 200x310, if you're wondering.)

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