Windows Scripts


These scripts are useful little tools written in VBScript or JScript for the Windows Scripting Host. They're just text files, but can do all sorts of cool things. You start them just like an application, by double- or single-clicking. Some scripts accept files or folders dropped from Explorer or can take options on the command line.

Some Windows users (typically those using Outlook or Outlook Express for their email) disable the Windows Scripting Host to avoid script viruses. These scripts won't work if you have disabled it. Also, scripts that edit the registry or create files may trigger warnings from virus scanners.

Game Utilities

Script Routines

These scripts are intended for those writing scripts. They may not do anything when double-clicked or when files are dropped on them.

Shell Tools

Windows XP introduced a number of enhancements in the shell, but not everyone likes these enhancements. These scripts let you turn on or off some of these new features. (Some of these may appear in earlier versions of Windows with newer versions of Internet Explorer installed.)