Published Materials for Paranoia

West End and Mongoose have published numerous addons for the wonderful game Paranoia. This is a list of everything West End published for Paranoia, sorted by Edition and ID number.

West End Games

WEG ID: Title Copyright Date

First Edition

WEG 12001: The Paranoia Box Set 1984
The game that started it all! From the minds of Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, and Eric Goldberg, the original Paranoia edition. Complete with skill trees, percentile rolls, and all the Paranoia fun you've enjoyed for years. With a copy of this, you can follow the in jokes through every other Paranoia module. It also won the H.G. Wells Award for Best Roleplaying Game!

WEG 80101: Gamemaster's Screen 1985
Charts, pictures, and 3 adventures. Ken Rolston seems to take primary responsibility for "Das Bot: Nearly a Dozen Meters Beneath the Sea", "The Trouble With Cockroaches", and "Robot Imana-665-C".

WEG 80102: Vapors Don't Shoot Back 1985
Orange Clearance Troubleshooters attempt to survive the 84th Annual High Programmer's Invitational Tournament. Curtis Smith (with Geoff Valley) have the honors. I like this adventure. This Paranoia adventure was nominated for the H.G. Wells award for best Roleplaying Adventure.

WEG 80103: The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues 1985
This classic Paranoia adventure features John M. Ford's wonderfilled tale of Secret Societies fighting over the mysterious Black Box. This Paranoia adventure won the H.G. Wells award for best Adventure of 1985. Friend Computer says every Ultraviolet should have a copy. Now, Citizen!

WEG 80104: Send In the Clones 1985
Paranoia adventuring in the world of TV, the Troubleshooters get to meet Teela-O-MLY, heartthrob of millions of Alpha Complex vidshow watchers...and terminate her. This adventure introduces the Clone Rangers and the Cloud Men's Minds power. Too bad about those hormone suppressants. Songs and game show inlcuded! Thanks to Allen Varney and Warren Spector.

WEG 80105: Acute Paranoia 1986
Acute Paranoia! Possibly the best Paranoia supplement of all time, it introduced many interesting things, like the Trekkies, the Drug Interaction Table, the Warbot Model 425 Mark IV, playing as Bots, Code 7 Mini Adventures, and more! The entire Paranoia team contributed items for this. If you can find a copy, get it!

WEG 80106: Player Handbook 1984
See the Box Set above; this is the book the players can read. Unlike That Other Game™, it's not strictly necessary.

WEG 80107: Clones In Space 1986
Erick Wujcik's tale of adventure in the ceiling of the Outside. Pie Fighters, insane computers, and BEMs (Bug-Eyed Monsters) flourish! A fun adventure. Heck, the Explosive Decompression and Space Vehicle Services (Skill Level 0) Tables may be worth it.

WEG 80108: Orcbusters 1986
An extremely fun sendup of That Other Game™, Ken Rolston's Orcbusters features Wizards, Dragons, and, of course, an Orc. Continuing features include the Transdimensional Collapsitron, Randy the Wonder Lizard, and the Vulture Warriors of Dimension X!

WEG 80109: HIL Sector Blues 1986
Ever wanted to play Citizens of higher clearance than Orange? Ever wanted to know what happens when Citizens survive for longer than one night? Well, here is your answer! Ken Rolston introduces us to life as Blue Internal Security Troopers. This features the first appearance of Cardstock Commies™.

Second Edition

WEG 12000: Paranoia, Second Edition Booklet
WEG 12001: Paranoia, Second Edition Box Set 1987
With the coming of 1987 comes the first rewrite of the Paranoia game mechanics. This is the version I happen to like the best. It's also very uncomplicated: D20s for everything. Pretty much. Get a copy if you can! The box set includes a D20 and "The Compleat Troubleshooter", a guide to the Mandatory Bonus Duties. Includes EZ-to-copy badges for your vict...err...players to wear!

WEG 12002: Paranoia Excessory Pack 1987
The gamemaster screen and general neat stuff add on for the Second Edition, it includes the Screen, triplicate forms, Character Record Sheets, another collection of Cardstock Commies™, and plastic stands for the CCs.

WEG 12003: Unknown

WEG 12004: The DOA Sector Travelogue 1989
The Paranoia designers take us through a complete Sector, showing us sample Citizens, Food Vats, Cafeteria and Living Quarters for all Clearances, and more fun places to visit. Features the start of the Secret Society Wars. A definite must!

WEG 12005: Alpha Complexities 1988
An adventure spanning both the Commies and the Outdoors, Ed Bolme shows us a wide range of Paranoia adventuring.

WEG 12006: Form Pack 1988
Forms, Forms, FORMS! A short adventure based around the multiple copies of 3 forms that make up the main portion of the Pack. Don't worry, the Forms will be back! They're not done with them.

WEG 12007: The Computer Always Shoots Twice 1988
Converted over to Second Edition: the two adventures Orcbusters and Send in the Clones. See above for more info on them.

WEG 12008: Unknown

WEG 12009: Unknown

WEG 12010: The People's Glorious Revolutionary Adventure 1989
Ed Bolme writes one of the most beloved Paranoia supplements, TPGRA. Not only does it continue the Secret Society Wars, it teaches everyone how to roleplay Commies. It's a classic.

WEG 12011: Recycled Pack 19??
I like this supplement for one thing: the Plastic Troubleshooters. 56 figures in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Ultraviolet. Also comes with more Cardstock Commies™ and another set of those Forms you love.

WEG 12012: The Bot Abusers' Manual 1992
How to play as bot characters, including design tips and an adventure featuring the Transdimensional Collapsatron. Secret Societies for Bots, programs...everything. Very fun. Set in Reboot Alpha

WEG 12013: More Songs About Food Vats 1989
Karl Hughes continues the Secret Society Wars with adventures throughout Alpha's most dreaded machinery: the Food Vats! You are what you eat...

WEG 12014: Unknown

WEG 12015: The Iceman Returneth 1989
The Secret Society Wars come to a climax in a most astonishing way. 6 Citizens rescue a High Programmer from the Past, who tries to...umm..."fix" Friend Computer, with disastrous results. Don't forget your indestructible Commie leaflet! Sam Shirley is the one behind this adventure.

WEG 12016: Don't Take Your Laser to Town 1988
Malcolm Mouvis and Vern G. Hargett take us on a trip to old WST sector. Visit scenic Black Gulch™, play with the Trans-dimensional Collapsitron (sic). I've never been fond of this one.

WEG 12017: Alice Through the Mirrorshades 1989
Ed Bolme treats us to the first of the Vulture Warriors of Dimension X adventures. Set during the Megawhoops, this adventure features a crossover between the world of Alpha Complex and the Cyberpunk™ universe, courtesy of the Transdimensional Collapsatron (Mark III). Fun, fun fun!

WEG 12018: Twilightcycle: 2000 1990
Sam Shirley leads us through the second of the Vulture Warriors of Dimension X Trilogy. This adventure features the GDW game Twilight:2000™. Will they be able to rescue The Computer?

WEG 12019: Vulture Warriors of Dimension X 1990
Many members of the West End crew introduce us to time travel campaigning in the world of Alpha Complex. This dual function book features the adventure "Dr. Whom and the Paranoids of Alpha" and the actual Vulture Warriors Campaign Pack. Unfortunately, this adventure is NOT a crossover...merely a parody.

WEG 12020: Crash Course Manual 1989
The second-to-last link in the Secret Society Wars info, the Crash Course Manual describes MegaWhoops Alpha, adventuring in Alpha Complex after the Crash. Follow along as you visit the rebuilding areas of Alpha, and attempt to survive in a world without the Digital Dictator. From the West End crew.

WEG 12021: Gamma-Lot 1990
The Return of Randy the Wonder Lizard! Grant Boucher and the Transdimensional Collapsatron (Mark II) demonstrate what an influence medieval myth can have on Megawhoops Alpha.

WEG 12022: The Paranoia Sourcebook 1992
Friend Computer is Back, and he's ready to shoot traitors! This kicks off the period known as ReBoot Alpha. I recommend this for anyone who wants a few different settings for Alpha Complex, or wants to campaign in Paranoia. Ed Bolme has the byline.

WEG 12023: Death, Lies, and Vidtape 1990
The Last of the Secret Society Wars adventures, this takes place during the Megawhoops. Elizabeth-R is trying to bring the Secret Societies together to form a government...and the remains of the Computer are there to stop her! Allen Varney returns to Alpha Complex for this adventure.

WEG 12024: The R&D Catalog 1990
The R&D Catalog is 96 pages of weapons, bots, and other equipment for the Megawhoops Alpha clone. Also inludes an R&D-style adventure! Great for ideas. By Ed Bolme and C.J. Tramontana.

WEG 12025: Unknown

WEG 12026: Unknown

WEG 12027: Paramilitary 1993
Dave Lemon presents the Armed Forces in complete detail. Designed for Reboot Alpha, this accessory shows how being in the Armed Forces can be so much fun! Includes rules for BattleMICs, the biggest vehicles controlled by Clones.

WEG 12028: CTV/ParaNormal 1994
The first (and only) Paranoia flip-book, this features three shorter adventures in TV land and 2 in the world of the strange.

WEG 12029: Unknown

WEG 12030: Unknown

WEG 12031: Mad Mechs 1991
The Computer is BACK! Paul Murphy leads us through the Land Down Under to save Alpha from an alien Commie menace! Beware of the Roos!

WEG 12032: Creatures of the Nightcycle 1997
A Complex of Dimness adventure. A good rip on those other Game: The Subtitle™ games.

Fifth Edition

WEG 12600: Paranoia, Fifth Edition Booklet 1995
The crew at West End resets the Paranoia universe to where it was before the Megawhoops and Reboot. The game mechanics change too...not like game mechanics were ever the big thing in Paranoia.


WEG 12302: EXTREME PARANOIA: Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Shot 1991
A great introduction for new players who you'd like to see work together with their party. Adventures to the Outdoors, superstring theory...

WEG 12303: Title Deleted for Security Reasons 1993
Follow the adventures of James-B-OND, Alpha Citizen, through his many clones.

WEG 12304: Stormshooters and Troubleknights 1993
What would happen if Friend Computer found out about Darkness Devices and dimthreads? A series of short story "what if" crossovers between Paranoia and Torg.