Scripts and Code

Over the years I've written a large quantity of scripts, script applications, and routines in various languages. Here you'll find a wide variety of useful free code and apps. Enjoy!

MultiAd Creator Scripts

I worked on MultiAd Creator for about 5 years, and built up a large quantity of scripts for Creator2 and Creator 6. (Some of these are updated versions of scripts that ship with Creator, and will be removed if new versions of Creator are released with them.)


AppleScript is Apple's scripting language for the MacOS. I haven't worked in general AppleScript much lately, but I hope you will find these helpful.


I spent about two years making things with FaceSpan 3 as a tester of Creator2. While it's pretty long in the tooth now, these projects may still help someone out there.


Most of my work is done on Windows now. While VBScript isn't nearly as accepted on Windows as AppleScript is on the Mac, there's still a lot of useful things you can do with it.

COM (with C++)

My last two years were spent working on Creator 6's COM support. Here are some insights and a utility library that grew out of that experience.