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RPGs and Board Games

Car Wars info from SPARK

Car Wars is Steve Jackson Games' game of automobile dueling in the arenas of tomorrow. Here you'll find counters and arenas created by the members of SPARK, as well as design spreadsheets and FAQs from the AADA Head Referee Eric Freeman.


Paranoia is The Roleplaying Game Of A Darkly Humorous Future, where you play Troubleshooters serving Friend Computer. First, Second, and Fifth Editions were published by West End Games; the later ones were published by Mongoose Publishing. Here you'll find some helpful documents and an adventure or two.

Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder and its world of Golarion continue on from where D&D 3.5 left off. Here you'll find some things I've made to help you play Bards, keep track of your Pathfinder Society purchases, and an add-on for Hero Lab for those playing the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game lets you experience a Pathfinder story using a very light cards-and-dice based system. Here you'll find character tents (an alternative character sheet) for many of the available characters and a small web application that shows you all of the available Pregenerated characters for Society play.

Queen's Blade

Queen's Blade is a Japanese series of Lost Worlds books. Here you'll find English versions of the character cards included in the books so you can play them.

Other Games

This is a catch-all for game files that don't warrant a full page.

Convention Event Info

Convention Schedule and Event Info - A consolidated page with our convention schedule and extra information about the games/events we're running.

Computer Games


Blobs is a board game for up to four human or computer players. (You may have seen this game in the arcades as Ataxx or on the NES as Spot.)


CtrlrMaker is the start of a utility for MAME's ctrlr directory feature. It generates a full set of files for a game controller based on predefined rules for what game layouts look like and which games use which layouts.

MidiMaze Utilities

Our MidiMaze Utilities are Windows command line applications that encode and decode maze files for the classic Atari ST games MidiMaze and MidiMaze II. They enable you to create mazes that will work with the shareware version of MM II, defeating the original protection. Thanks to Markus Fritze for permission to do this!

NASCAR Racing 2002 Season

Some cars for Papyrus' NASCAR 2002 Racing Season game, including Tim Graff's #3 car (based on his real-life Street Stock car driven at Elko Speedway) and the ESG Labs #93.