Some sample bot characters for Paranoia

If you're looking for new bots to torture your players with (especially if you have a couple of intelligent players willing to play these bots!) then here are a pair of fun-lovin' mechanicals for you. For full rules, consult the Bot Abuser's Guide.

The Completely Reprogrammable, Objective-oriented Worker/Technician Robot

CROW/T Robot

Standard side:

Size: Small     Armor: P2     Circuits: 3  /  3
Bump: 1     Stability: 2         Macho: 2

   Hands: Extensible Graspers W/Small Grabbers
Dex Base: 0
Str Base: 0
Carrying: 10 kg.

   Feets: Extensible Legs w/Power Assist
 Max Spd: Run
 Agility: 4

   Power: Clockspring  (Gridlike head attachment), Standard Power Cord
   Macho: 2

   Input: Directional Audio Sensors
          Color and Binocular Video Sensors
          Chemical Analyzer

  Output: Voice Synth w/Digital voice, sampling, and Music Synth
          Goofy Glow-Eyes*

   Add'l: Slugthrower (left grasper, 6 shots, reloadable)
          SWI Sector Toolkit (built into right grasper, many small tools,
                              gives +1-5 bonus to mech/tech skills, variable 
                              weapons, may help other skills, gives wrong 
                              tool on GM whim..err...a 20)
          Data Port (read only)

Secret Side

Secret Society: Methanolics Anonymous

1-5     Head    Clockspring, I/O
6-14    Torso   Hands, Data Port
15-20   Feet    Feets, Power Cord

Secret Parts  (may only be known to "Friend Computer")
Remote Override
Scrambled Asimovs
Personality Mod: Crow T. Robot

RAM: 6    ROM: 9   Override: 1

Jackobot Training ROM  (9 ROM Sectors)
Slugthrower 6
Mechanical  6
Engineering 6

The tried and true Jackobot ROM.  Should fail extremely rarely.

Crow/Ts are usually used to replace an Equipment Guy in a Troubleshooter Team. Crows are happy-go-lucky repairbots that try to help in any way possible. They also like to make jokes.

The Thematically and Humorously Optimized Mobile Assassination and Stealthful Surveillance Robot

THOMAS SurBot ("Tom Surbo")

Standard Side:

Size: Small     Armor: P1     Circuits: 2  /  3
Bump: 1     Stability: 2         Macho: 0

 Hands: Useless Spring Arms
 Feets: Anti-Grav w/Alter Grav (the "Magnetic" mod)
 Power: Broadcast Power Induction
	  10' Retractable Cord
 Input: Audio Sensor w/Analyzer, Directional Hearing, Controls, and Recorder
        Video Sensor w/Color, Telephoto, and Recorder
Output: Digital Voice
 Add'l: Standard Data Port
        Radio Receive and Transmit
        Read Only Drive (tapes)

Secret Side:

Secret Society: Corporganic

1-3     Head    Input, Output, Radio Receive
4-20    Body    Everything Else

Heads are easily changable; if this robot is assigned to a group,
they will usually get extra heads.

If the head is hit for a Kill or Vaporize result, any Video/Audio
tapes in use are destroyed.

Secret Parts  (may only be known to "Friend Computer")
Retractable Force Sword in Torso
Radio Controlled Override
Remote Controlled Self Destruct
Scrambled Resistor Asimovs  (3 1 5 2 4)
Personality Mod: Tom Servo

RAM: 6    ROM: 9   Override: 1

  StealthBot ROM
    Oratory  8
Force Sword  8
    Stealth  8

Tom Surbots are usually included in a Troubleshooter team to substitute for the C&RO or when the High Programmer behind the mission suspects trickery. Most Troubleshooters do not know about the Force Sword; some do not know that the bot can transmit Video and Audio.

Make sure the player playing a Surbot makes quips. Lots of quips. Enough to make the Troubleshooters shoot him.