Welcome, Ultraviolet Citizens!

Here you'll find graphics, forms, and other fun files for use in your games.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these files are © 1997-2019 Michael Miller. Permission is hereby granted for you to download and use them in your own documents. Please do not redistribute them without my permission. (Given that some of these files violate copyrights and/or trademarks, this protects you as well as myself.) If you have questions, email parody@esglabs.com. Thanks!


These are PDF files created with Adobe Acrobat. If you need the Reader, you can get it from Adobe's Website.

Character Sheets

These character sheets are Acrobat Forms, so you can type into them before printing them out.

Reference Sheets

Second Edition Fold-outs

At Your Service, Citizen...

These are West End's Paranoia Newsletters, scanned and turned into PDFs by Kevin Sigmund and Geoff Kloess. Feel free to mirror them on your sites if you want.


These are zip files containing two versions of the picture: EPSes for those of you who have PostScript capability, and Corel Draw 5 format if you are using Microsoft applications and do not have PostScript. These are both vector formats, allowing you to scale and print these nicely at any resolution.

Classic Paranoia Logo

Paranoia with Black Background

Classic Friend Computer

Friend Computer with Blue Eye

ESG Labs Paranoia Logo

ESG Labs Paranoia Logo

With Friend Computer in the final 'A':

Without Friend Computer in the final 'A':

ESG Labs Friend Computer

New Friend Computer

Mandatory Bonus Duties

These are TIFF scans of the MBD badges from the Second Edition box set.