Alcen Eiron, Tailor Extraordinaire

Some pictures and stories of the life and times of Alcen Eiron, Intrepid's Tailor Extraordinaire! More will be added as I sift through my screenshot collection.

The Base Harvester
One day, a week or so after Intrepid was put up, this guy (Landyin) came running into Coronet Cantina (which only had at the keyboard Entertainers back then!) and was asking for help. An Imperial base had spawned on top of his harvester and since he'd died he couldn't get in there to maintain it. (Back in those days, you left things called "corpses" and had to "loot your corpse" to get your items back after dying.) Being a good Rebel, I joined up to help. The group of us took out the Imps without too much trouble, and he got his stuff back and was able to put some cash in the harvester. And I didn't die! (I typically die on any outing.)

I love this pic of the harvester sticking out of the base.

All Alone in Doaba
I spent 135,000 credits training to become a Master Tailor. All of it was spent here in Doaba Guerfel, one of the lonliest cities in the game.

PA Hall and Arch
A picture of my first trip to the original MEC PA Hall on Corellia. We originally planned to try to make a player city out here by the arch. (This arch is located south of the sea on the east side of Corellia and NW of Bela Vistal.)

Moons and Arch from top of PA Hall
Corellia's moons and the arch, from the top of the PA Hall. I hear there might even be players up on one of those moons!

Fireworks at GF2
This picture of fireworks was taken at Groovefest 2, held on Corellia. (This was before the fireworks show item was added to the game, so there's a few different people filled up with fireworks launching them all!)

I bought a lifetime VIP pass since I thought the concept was so cool, and I had a great time.

It does bring up one of my favorite DOH! stories: I was hanging out in the VIP house. One of the conversations was between Keltrien (the guy who organizes Groovefest) and someone named Pex. This Pex guy was wearing Novice Artisan clothes. Keltrien asked him if he wanted better clothes and said "we've got a Master Tailor right over there", meaning me of course. Stupid me didn't speak up and offer to make him some clothes for free; I didn't know who he was. (He's the SWG Events Manager; he was playing from home, so he didn't have the power to create whatever he wanted.)

Where did I park?
Heh. An pic from just after vehicles were added to the game.

Chemical Zone
MEC eventually moved to Mos Chowbasa, Tatooine, and I gave up my long-established store at -125 -2950 Corellia. (Just N of Coronet.) One thing Tat's known for is being extremely flat in large areas. When a good Fiberplast or Polymer spawns on Tatooine, this is what you get.

A story in pictures:

Waking up...
Ungh...did anyone get an ID on that speeder?

Almost there
Wait a minute...I'm starting to remember. Sand...shooting...

Houston, we have a problem.
Oh, *edit*.

That's one big ugly.
Come on, come on, get up...

Maybe if my friends shoot it some it'll be distracted.

Do Do do do do-do-DO-dooooo.

(I guess the loading music doesn't quite work in text.)

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