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Hi! Among other names, I am often known as Parody Man, having taken that name back when I was on Q-Link and writing song parodies for Commodore SID files. We all do it, just not all of us have the guts to put our work up for others to see. Well, here mine are. BTW, the words for all these song parodies are ©1997-1999 Michael Jay Miller.

Neon McDonald's (from "Hotel California") is a song I wrote back in High School. It's a song of fast food, depression, and torture. I Love Mountain Dew is a little throwoff of "I Love Rock 'n Roll". Circular School from Hell is a parody of a "Weird Al" Yankovic song, "Nature Trail to Hell". The high school I graduated from, Mayo High in Rochester, MN, is round and difficult to add on to.

The Words to the Theme from "Jurassic Park" is probably my best parody; it adds words to the Jurassic Park soundtrack's first two tracks.

When I returned to work in Rochester, I was able to get a Wintel system and get back on the Internet. There's this slightly popular game called X-Wing that Lucasarts came out with a while back, and I joined Corsair Squadron, a group dedicated to the Alliance and their zippy fighter, the A-Wing. "I'll be There for You--In an A-Wing!" comes from the annoying Friends theme and my feelings for them. Unfortunately, I lost the words in a computer problem and have yet to recreate them. Mos Eisley Cantina also comes from that group; Green Squadron runs the Mos Eisley Cantina message board and chat room. This song is dedicated to all who have stopped by to chat at the Cantina.

Once in a while we've been knocking about the idea of MSTing Star Trek 5: the Colossal Blunder, and this song emerged from an idea for a visitor from beyond the grave: Shatner. Also from the world of MST3K comes this easy to pull off parody: 2000 Inch TV's Frank.

With the rise of South Park came this little crossover: It's Hard to be a Jedi in Training.

Anyone else go through the Hell that was NT 4 Service Pack 4? Here's another in the never-ending line of things that poke fun of Bill Gates of Redmond.

Most recently I've been working with Paranoia, and while I haven't found the perfect song parody to be the Theme for the Troubleshooters, I've had a number of intermediates. This Troubleshooter Theme is the only one I've finished to date. If you're looking for a song for your evil High Programmers to be singing, look no further than We Do!, from a song done on the Simpsons.

Since 2003 I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies, and at least two parodies have popped up from there: Publish 17 Day 1 Report and Good Old SWG Days.

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